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28 Nov

Thank you all for making The Event 2018 our most successful yet!

Thank you all for making The Event 2018 our most successful yet! Please feel free to send us your ideas on themes that you would like to see for The Event 2019. We would like to update you all on a few points that we have been discussing in person with those at the resort during the past few weeks- we have received lots of input on this and so wanted to open up the discussion to all.

After listening to your feedback about how the drinks allowance is working for the needs of your groups, we have decided to double the allotment of wine and champagne allocated for your reservations, as a few of you mentioned you were consuming this more quickly with your groups than the liquor. As many of you know, we also provide extra wine for your private BBQ or chef’s dinner at the villa so that you can enjoy this with dinner that is separate from your bottle allotment. We appreciate all who participated in tasting the wines during the reservations over the Event and gave us their feedback, we are re-evaluating the options available for your bottle allowance and in the various restaurants based on your impressions.  We have received overwhelming support from you that the previous allowance did need to be changed, we appreciated your help in finding the balance that works best for all and protects your investment.

When Chairman’s Circle was first launched, Villas Lounge at the time was in the old location, and was often crowded and not the ideal check-in experience. As an alternative VIP services had offered express check-in for villa reservations where the all-inclusive had been pre-paid. However we now have a brand-new and spacious Villas Lounge, and villas management had advised this that “Express Check-in” for a few had actually resulted in “Delayed Check-in” for everyone else, since it is their staff that must perform essential functions such as allocating bracelets, checking names with passports and registering all guests and so on. We have decided to incorporate as many features of express check-in that we can do from the Customer & VIP service side to ALL reservations, so that you can request your dinner and drink order via app to be presented to you on arrival by your concierge, voucher all-inclusive (which must be done in advance) is now streamlined via the app, and all-inclusive can be prepaid via credit card in advance of your arrival as well. Whenever possible your concierge will have your golf cart ready and waiting for you so that you can pass along the $50 deposit and sign the golf cart contract with them rather than making a separate trip to the golf cart center. Any requests already in the system for Express Check-in will be honored, but we will no longer be accepting new ones.

Some of you have received tickets to the POP airport lounge in the past, this was something that was originally part of Share Benefits contracts, which started before POP airport was renovated. With this in mind and since the airport lounge is not part of the Chairman’s Circle benefits, this will be offered only to those that were part of an original Share Benefits contract. However in lieu of this, we encourage you to take the value of this in an equivalent credit of US$25 to use towards service fees and/ or all-inclusive fees, and will not expire until 2052!

As you can see we are looking at ways to assess how the club’s resources can been used as wisely as possible for the benefit of all going forward. We are very excited that in the past year we have introduced the Vienna Coffee House, Sunrise Suites and Penthouse, Presidential and Imperial Suites Cabarete, renovated Tropical, renovated Saffron, renovated Casablanca, renovated Crown Suites pool and more! We look forward to your suggestions in projects that you would like to see happen in the future that can benefit all, feel free to email them to  Many of your suggestions have already been put into practice or will be soon – remember this is YOUR Home Resort and we listen to you!

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